Envato Purchase Code Format

I’m creating some type of app that automatically detects Envato purchase codes from all the codes supplied. After viewing 100+ Envato purchase codes, I found all of them containing 36 symbols, 4 of which are -

However, these codes are new (less than 12 months old), so I’m not sure if such format (36 symbols, including 4 - symbols) was always used.

Could anyone please confirm this?

Yes, I have items I bought in 2013 and later - and they have purchase codes having 36 symbols of which 4 are “-”.

Just please develop an useful app, not one that can be used to generate purchase codes :wink:

LOL. No, I’m creating a plugin (because many clients asked for it) for Auto PHP Licenser, which will issue new licenses, monitor and update status of existing licenses, and renew support expiration dates for all purchases made via Envato.

Since the software allows to use all types of license codes (so author can issue a custom license with code “test123”), I need to ensure the plugin will only connect to Envato API to verify Envato (not custom) licenses.

And thanks for your input, I guess it will be safe to assume 36 symbols license containing 4 - symbols in Envato license.