Envato provides TXT file for audio licenses. AdRev requires "official" PDF with envato logo (not provided by envato). How to dispute claim then? Envato license is useless?

I have the unlimited membership with envato elements. I purchased audio tracks that AdRev filed copyright claims on. I am disputing the copyright claims, and AdRev requires a PDF file of the license. However, envato only provides a TXT file. I convert this TXT file to PDF but AdRev won’t accept this, saying “it’s not the official PDF”. I asked them to clarify and they sent me of a PDF file that was exactly the same as what I had, but the example had the envato logo. Again, envato does NOT provide a PDF license of any kind, I ONLY have the option to download a TXT file of my licenses.

What am I supposed to do here? What does everyone else do when they dispute a claim with AdRev?

Hello @HacksawJimDugan! Open a support ticket and they are happy to help you! https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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I did, and still waiting for a reply.

I’m just frustrated with the fact that the license envato gives me is useless to dispute claims. Surely envato knows the format that companies want to see when disputing claims, right? It just doesn’t make sense to give out licenses in TXT format when they know companies like AdRev want to see a PDF… WITH envato logo on it! So why a TXT file? Am I expected to make a special request to the support team each and every time I have a claim to dispute, asking for a PDF license with envato logo? If so, that sure is a LOT of unnecessary burden placed on the customer (and would make me stop using envato). Call me crazy, but I would think it’d be much easier for the customer, and envato, to provide a pdf license with envato logo in the first place.

Not sure how it is set up at Elements, but at Audiojungle, Envato provides both PDF and Txt version. You choose which version you want to download. Isn’t it the same with Elements?

Nope, with envato elements I have the option to download a txt file only. I’ve spent some time digging around and cannot find anything other than a txt file. I’m in contact with envato now, and they are looking into it. They say they have never had a problem with copy/paste of the txt licenses. I cc’d AdRev so hopefully they can work together and figure this out. I’m just shocked that something like this hasn’t already been ironed out. Maybe AdRev recently changed their license requirements or something.

This is pretty much on par with the amateurish approach Envato has taken with the launch of Audio in Elements. I’m sorry you have to pay for their not having thought things through.

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I’m just shocked I seem to be the only one with this problem. I searched google and and couldn’t find anyone else with these issues. That’s what’s driving me crazy, is that I seem to be the only one. I’ve spent upwards of 10 hours now dealing with this, and still fighting 15 copyright claims with no way to clear them up. I started emailing each author individually and asking to clear the claims and whitelist my channel if possible. So far, one author has replied and removed the claims. And I certainly let each author know what elements and AdRev are doing. Someone’s gotta a light a fire under their asses.

I purchased my subscription to Envato last week and have this exact same issue, did you get this resolved @HacksawJimDugan I think it is appalling and I will try and get my money back from my card issuer if this is a recurring problem, why has nobody from Envato replied to this ??

I can log into audiojungle with my Envato credentials where I’ve read they issue both pdf and txt licenses but it says I have no purchase!

@jdor7 https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016435492-Guide-to-YouTube-Content-ID-Copyright-Notices

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Thanks for the reply. This does not explain, that the adrev clearance page request a pdf file, why not just produce it?? and secondly as my channel is brand new I am ineligible to contest content ID claims directly on YouTube

Envato Elements is on a completely separate system from the marketplaces and such a PDF is impossible without drastic changes to the entire system.

AdRev has recently agreed, according to Envato staff, to accept the .txt license files provided by Envato Elements. Unfortunately I am not familiar with how to contest copyright claims, but I assume you should go through the contact page on AdRev’s website.

what is the source of this information, I received an email today from envato, stating i should use a pdf converter “found online”, this is unbelievably unprofessional and is not mentioned on the "you should use the adrev clearance page found here https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016435492#h_380432203241540770126939

Unbelievably unprofessional indeed!!