Envato - Proof of author's copyright

Hello everyone, I had such a problem that, when I first submitted my item to the codecanyon, there was a mismatch in the email addresses. E.g. my project had an email address and my envato account had a completely different email address than the first one, and because of this, my item was soft rejected, and they said that I have a mismatch of the email addresses, after that I eliminated these mismatches and submitted my item again, after which I was told that you need to prove that this project was developed by you, but unfortunately they didn’t say how to prove it. Please, if there is someone among you who has encountered such a problem or knows what to do in such a situation, please help me

When you created the account, I believe Envato sends an email for the confirmation. Considering this, you will have to login with the previous email account and send an email/contact the support with the first account and explain the situation. Then using the ticket ID while re-submitting the item should solve the problem

after they told me about the difference of email addresses, I did not send them a support ticket, but I just took and changed the email of my account so that both emails corresponded to each other, and unfortunately I deleted all the messages from my mailbox from constant advertisements and spam, however I sent the credentials of both addresses in my re-submission so that they could verify that both of these addresses belong to me.

Please help if you can help with something else


Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.