envato product registration in WP-Admin not registering

Just setting up Uncode template and going through the install process. Need to register the product and have entered the my Envato Username - API-Key - Purchase code but when I click submit the progress wheel in safari just keeps spinning and nothing happens. Tried the same process in Chrome and the progress wheel doesn’t even spin. Can anyone offer any help?

Hey there - did you get a fix for the registration issue with UNCODE. Having the same problem.
My issue is that envato is not registering my purchase. I’ve emailed theme support twice and provided receipts and screen shots. No fix. I’m regretting using the Envato platform a little as there is no direct way to resolve.

This registration process has nothing to do with Envato - this is something the theme developer added to keep track of customers using their item. Try reaching out them for support (here is the item support page) I’m sure they’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

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there is register problem . please solve this issue.