Envato Premiere Extension allegedly not compatible

I have been trying to install the free Premiere Pro Extension for months without success. The installer is correctly visible in the ADOBE CC Extension, but even there it says that no compatible program can be found. This can’t be true, because I’ve been using Premiere since the Creativ Cloud was launched. I also maintain my programs and am always up to date. It can’t be the connection either. Other Premiere plugins are accessible without any problems and can be installed. Manual installation does not work either. I am also experienced here and have been using various other plugins for a very long time. Since all support articles always assume that the plugin is already installed, this is also not possible. I’m getting very annoyed and I just want to ask one last time if I’m doing something existentially wrong before I go ahead and give a scathing verdict on this plugin.

Ensure compatibility with your Premiere Pro version. Reinstall the extension via Adobe Creative Cloud. Contact Adobe Support if issues persist.