Envato policy on selling open source code

I have noticed that some developers use ready made open source code from github and other sources and sell the code on codecanyon. Some claim they add some features like admob. Others just modify the source code a little bit. I know that because I purchased an item on codecanyon and i found that it was an open source code.

So I have some questions: What is envato policy on this issue? Is it ok to sell open source code projects which are available on github or other sources. If not can customers report such items on codecanyon?


Hey there,

well. I think that should be alright as far the licences are set right.

Just imagine Bootstrap. Most of the CodeCanyon projects aren’t unique and take Bootstrap as base. Bootstrap is also open source, from another source and free for use.

So, I don’t think it should be a problem. But from open source project to project it always could be different due the licences set. Just keep an eye out, if it’s alright to resell the source codes you can easily do it here. I think there are too some open source projects which are free available to download and upload again, but somehow not for selling.

I’m not really a master at licences, but you should be aware. I like to create own user interfaces to get on my safe site.

Cheers, eliteCode :blush:

I think the answer depends… If author includes open source libraries (jquery, bootstrap, datatables, etc.) in his script (and the script itself is really made by author), I don’t see anything wrong about that. However, if author takes open source project, re-brands it (also removes all the references to original project), and sells it as his own, such an item should definitely be removed from marketplace. Just my opinion.