Envato policy about plugin functionality?

Hi, I just want to clarify what Envato’s policy is (if there is one) on plugins installed on Wordpress. Are there any scenarios that allow the author to disable the plugin so that it no longer functions? Eg. if the Envato purchase code has not been saved in the plugin?
I am currently using Bookly, and am trying to change to a particular hosting, which is turning out to be fairly complicated.
I have been switching back and forth between the hosting providers (as problems surface), so there are copies of my site on 2 servers with different IP addresses (but the same domain).
Apparently Bookly will delete the saved purchase codes, and shut down the plugin if it detects a change of IP address or a change of web address. Even though my site has been installed at 2 different ip addresses, Bookly is able to detect this, and it shuts down, even though the DNS is only ever pointed at one ip address.
It also provides no notification that it has shut down, so I only discover this by chance.
This is the only plugin causing me issues during this transition and the rest of the site is completely functional. To get around this problem I’ve had to source a pirated copy of the Bookly plugins for now.
I make backend changes fairly regularly, so am not keen to use a plugin that will be problematic every time. I guess I’ll have to move off of Bookly.
Does Envato have any policies about functionality of the plugins it sells? Or can authors simply disable a plugin whenever they fear there could be abuse of purchasing rights?

Authors won’t remotely disable themes or plugins but there may be functionality to protect single installation (regardless of DNS etc).

With respect, if you are going beyond licensing and installing it twice for whatever reason, let alone using pirated copies, all of which is definitely beyond envato policies, then there’s several potential reasons why you may be facing issues and won’t be able to get support for it.

Your best option would be to use the originally purchased version, make sure it’s properly up to date, and then contact the author directly.

That’s not good idea. Remove the pirated copy/license and get some support from the item author.