Envato plugin for wordpress (videos) - recommendation

Have a nice good day dear members,

under the link www.resagraphy.com you come to my homepage which was designed with Wordpress. I am a photographer and videographer, but videography has only emerged for a relatively short time, after the homepage was completed. So I hadn’t given any thought to it at the time. But now I would like to know what options I would have on my homepage for plugins for videos. In other words, I would like to know which tools on the Envato market could make a useful addition to my homepage for videos.
Can you recommend anything? It would be important to me that it works well, is error-free and that up to 4-K is possible.

To be honest it’s too early to think about any plugins. To begin with, I would recommend that you completely redesign your site, because now it looks very bad. Very very bad (style, fonts, typography, colors, alignments, everything)

Thank you for your honesty, but I am a private citizen and so far also satisfied with the homepage. So why redesign.

I hope for more postings that can help with my concern.

Best wishes