Envato, please do something

Sales getting lower and lower and i sometimes dont want to write a new track just because of those low sales. Ability to control the price was the bad idea. For you, probably, it was a good idea, but for authors, it’s not. Every month competition is getting tougher, it was one year ago too when i joined, but now its even tougher just because of those 5$ tracks. lots of really low-quality tracks are getting sales and making to the popular list. There are many good tracks deserving big sales.

Also, i’ve noticed that now is much easier to get Trendsetter badge. My last track is trending with 3 (now 4) sales. How? Why is it trending? Lot of tracks with low sales getting trending icon.
I hope you will find solution.
Share your thoughs, gentlemens

$5 tracks are not the problem; unlimited downloads for $16.50 a month is.


The ability to control your own price is fantastic if you use it properly. Of course the $5 tracks are problematic to some degree, though I think the biggest issue is that self purchasing is increasing under such conditions, which also can paint a false picture how much these tracks actually sell.

The trending sorting have not been working properly since February when the category pages experiments started. A series of problems have popped up after these experiments. It is highly likely that these trending badges are handed out by accident. In any case, congrats!