Envato please do a better job in telling customers how to play motion graphic/stock videos

Probably 80% of the time a customer has a question on one of my motion graphic videos or stock videos it is exactly that. Customers can’t figure out why the video does not play. Could you please add a description and links for how a customer gets a .mov to play on a windows machine after they have made a license purchase.

Would it not be best for authors to have this in item descriptions or documentation?

I could be wrong but that seems like the best place for it?

Every video file on Videohive is a .mov format so they are all the same.
I’m pretty sure all versions of Windows do not play .mov files natively.

I wouldn’t have the technical know how for that but it strikes me like the first place a buyer will come if they can’t open the file is the item page or author or documentation.

The author will know best how to open the file and it wouldn’t be much work at all for them to include a description on the page or in the shop files.

I’m not sure where envato would put anything to help with this that is any clearer

The issue isn’t so much Envato’s documentation (which I agree could probably be more thorough), but the fact that most customers always revert to contacting the author first, instead of trying to figure it out on their own.

Lately, I’ve noticed that Quicktime has been causing a lot of playback and preview issues. MacOS no longer generates a playable thumbnail for videos encoded with ProRes (which is maddening considering it’s THEIR codec!). Instead, the video thumbnail will show a spinning progress wheel, which makes lesser experienced customers think there’s something wrong with the clip, when there’s not. In almost every instance, if the customer would just import the video into Premiere, Ae, FCPX, etc., they’d find that the video actually functions perfectly.

It might be helpful to formulate a canned response that you can copy/paste into an email with a link to a helpful tutorial, or something that might help reduce the amount of confusion for some customers.

It may also be a potential opportunity to forward customers to your social media feeds by creating a quick video tutorial and post it to YouTube or Vimeo to help grow your permanent audience.