Envato, please create special offers for Brazil

The economic crisis caused by #Covid19 is being especially painful for the creators of Brazil. For years, one dollar was equivalent to about 3 reais (the Brazilian currency). With the recent economic crises, today one dollar equals 5 REAL! An increase in the last few months of almost 100% (and expectations are not good).


To give you an idea, let’s assume (I don’t know exactly) that a Big Mac in the USA costs 6 dollars. Here it costs ~ 16 reais. With the dollar at 5 reais, we can only buy half a Big Mac ($ 3.14) with the equivalent here in reais.

My point is: it is extremely expensive to buy at Envato Market with this crisis. This has a strong impact, especially at a time when we have to do more freelance to survive.

Therefore, it would be very interesting for Envato to make special prices for Brazil. This could be done by lowering the price of the subscription to Envato Elements, for example, or else making prices in reais for Brazilians.

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