Envato Personal Token for 2 licenses on 2 domain names

Hello. I am trying to find out if I need to obtain 2 envato personal tokens for two licenses of the Enfold Theme. I need licenses because there are two web sites on different domain names. I already have a personal token for the first domain name, but now I need to purchase a separate license for the 2nd domain name. So, the question is, when I install the Enfold Theme on the second web site, can I use the single token or do I need to obtain a second personal token for the 2nd web site?

If it’s a separate site you will need a second license :grin:

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Thanks. I know I need a second license. Do I need a second envato personal token

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If you’re using Elements, yes.

I think you can use the single personal token in the envato market plugin for both of your website. lets have a try.