Envato Package Manager - available now, for free

After days of intense work, I am pleased to announce that the (unofficial) Envato Package Manager is now live!

epm works in a very similar way to npm (node.js package manager), but every download (epm clone or envato clone) is authenticated against Envato API. You must be either in possession of a purchase code or be the author of an item, in order to clone that item. You must be the author of the item in order to publish or unpublish on epm. EPM is completely free and open source. If you like it, support us on Patreon: Honeyside is creating affordable enteprise software and open source software | Patreon

As a reminder: items uploaded to EPM are hosted by us (Honeyside), not by Envato. At the moment, we do not collect usage data. Should we introduce data collection in the future, you will be promptly notified by the CLI itself.

The current maximum upload size per item is 10MB, because our server is very little. If you use EPM to publish your Envato item, please support us on Patreon, we will use the money to buy a larger server: Honeyside is creating affordable enteprise software and open source software | Patreon



  • Run envato login to authenticate against Envato API.

  • Run envato clone [item_id] [purchase_code] to download an item. The item must have been made available on EPM by its author.

  • Run envato clone [item_id] - to download an item if you are the author of such item (no purchase code required).

  • Run envato check-purchase [purchase_code] or envato purchase [purchase_code] to verify one of your purchases, given the purchase code.

  • Run envato check-sale [purchase_code] or envato sale [purchase_code] to verify one of your sales, given the purchase code.

  • Run envato archive to create a zip archive with the current folder. It will use version and name from package.json (from the current folder). You can add a .envatoignore file to ignore files and folders.

  • Run envato publish [item_id] to publish an item. The item must already have been approved by Envato. It must be available on at least one marketplace.

  • Run envato unpublish [item_id] to unpublish an item. You must own the item to remove it from EPM.

@Envato @KingDog Do you have any comments on this? We are open to collaborations with you guys.

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Heya. Looks like you did a lot :grin: We used to have Envato Extras for things built using the API. I’ll see if that’s still something we’re interested in updating and refreshing again. Thanks!


This Envato Package Manager is something that would make sense for all of us authors if you could render it available as an alternative to the .zip file upload from the author dashboard. That way, we could submit code updates without going through a manual form.

It would also help a lot of (experienced) customers avoid the pain of manually installing updates from a .zip file.

But for all of this to work, you would need to merge our submission process with your submission process on your side.

From your comment, though, I sense that Envato doesn’t currently care about enhancing the item updates process. Do you?

Oh I would certainly say we’re always interested in improving the upload process, but it wouldn’t be a project that I’m currently on. If you like, you can certainly submit a ticket that can be passed on to our Devs for them to a look at?

Envato Authors Help and Support

All right, I’ll send the ticket.

“Do you” in my last message was referred to “Envato” in general, not you KingDog :+1:

I see a lot of potential for Envato as a premium source code marketplace, but I see very little focus on source versioning tools (and very little focus on source code in general). The current submission process feels like the perfect thing for GraphicRiver / AudioJungle / VideoHive, but it’s totally out of place for CodeCanyon. ThemeForest is sort of in the middle.

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Small update: EPM will now read the following variables from the .env file in the current folder, when running envato archive or envato publish.



Example: archive-myapp-1.0.0-1.zip

.env file content:


Update: we received a written copyright complaint from Envato Market Author Help. It states that:

  • We can not name the package “envato-cli”, even though it is 100% based on Envato API and marked as “unofficial” tool.
  • We can not host items from other authors, even if done in good faith and behind authentication against the official Envato API.

Since we are willing to give up all rights, source code and hosting capabilities to Envato itself, free of charge, we are attempting peaceful resolution. After all, we developed the Envato Package Manager as a “free gift” to both Envato and its users (authors and buyers).

If Envato confirms to not like it or we do not receive response within 48 hours, we will proceed to shut down the project and delete it from npm / Github.

@KingDog Since you commented on the post, we could use your opinion. We received the complaint from someone marked as “Author” from Envato Market Author Help, but we would like an official statement from Envato. You guys have one of the following choices:

  1. Ask us to shut down the project. If so, we will shut it down immediately.
  2. Take ownership of the project and host it yourselves. We will give up rights and source code, free of charge.
  3. Let us keep it online as it is (it is my understanding that this is not going to happen).