Envato open discussion forum

There’s been some silence lately on Envato market blog and also on the forums in regards to Envato staff involvement.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated portal where authors / buyers can post questions and the most upvoted ones would be answered by Envato (similar to Reddit’s AMA)?

The marketplace is growing rapidly and since it’s community driven, I think members should be able to share their thoughts easier. So far, the only way to send my feedback to Envato is through a survey?

I see a lot of threads here about the increasing review times / rejection details but no one seems to have a clear answer to all of that.

hi indeed all what u said is possible here and it does not seem to be the kind of thing that envato is willing to have …

Hi @HighGrade! The forums are available for that very reason - to share your thoughts and feedback. Take a look through all the forum categories here - there’s lots of feedback and discussion! You are also welcome to write to our Help Team via a support ticket if you have a specific problem or issue that you would like us to help resolve.

Please also be mindful that while we do ready everything, it’s not always possible to respond to everything. We certainly get to see everything that’s posted in the forums and anything pertinent and important is always passed along to the right people/teams for their consideration. :thumbsup:

Perhaps this thread will help? Feel free to post any specific questions/concerns in that thread.