Envato officially stopped author support?

Envato is not a community any more. As an author when I try to contact the help support, I didn’t find a single link to contact the author support. Even in the forums the option of flagging a post for staff reply has gone now. Does anyone knows how we can contact the envato staff for any help as an author?

They’re always available with a dedicated team for authors. Strange you couldn’t find any link, since we post them quite often. Envato Authors Help and Support

Just because you couldn’t find a link? That’s quite a bold statement especially since it’s the first result in Google for “Envato Author Support”.

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Is really hard to find direct link for new users.
I think will be great if will be in footer link like request support.

The example, I save this link in browser and is ok.


It’s literally the first result in Google for they key-phrase “Envato Author Support” mate.


Hi, yes agree. You know, many don’t use Google search


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Agreed! Even as a moderator I find a lot of the terms just by searching on Google + Envato Terms. It never hurts to let folks know they can Google things regarding Envato’s terms and policies and support terms. Everything is very nicely indexed! Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I was searching it on the website and only found the buyer contact links.

I am member of the envato from past ten years, but disappointed with how things work now as compared to few years back :frowning:

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