Envato NYC Meetup

Three members of Envato’s Agile and Delivery Coaching team will be in NYC during the week of the 19-23 September.

Every day, here in Melbourne, we come to the office believing that the work we do will benefit the wonderful, vibrant and inspiring people of the Envato creative community.

We’d love to meet some of New York’s Envato membership. It’d be great to hear your stories and to get a feel for the scene. We’ll get things going with some stories of our own and we hope you’ll let us buy you something to eat and drink.

Above all, we know we’ll get another taste of the unique atmosphere that is created when Envato folks get together.

Click here to sign up (we’re also looking for venue suggestions)

Hope to see you there!


Might swing by for a swift half and a bag of nuts. Could you give us a bit more info on what the ‘Agile and Delivery Coaching team’ is all about. Sounds pretty snazzy!

We work with Envato’s development teams, supporting them as the seek improvements to the way they work. The processes our teams create for themselves and the ways in which they collaborate to bring new features to the community, these are the things that we think about. We help offer suggestions and listen to teams problems, with the job of guiding them toward a solution.

Interesting stuff. Sounds slightly like what I used to do in a former life… I was a Customer Experience and Process Manager for the broadband division of British Telecom. Performance improvement, process mapping, Six Sigma, project management, process implementation etc etc. All that good stuff!

Cool! Hope to see you there.

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Sounds like fun. Unfortunately I’ll arrive in New York the week after your departure :disappointed:

i wish i could be there

Wish i was in NY to get with you, guys! Have one for us Eastern European dudes!

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Agree with @ChoclateFix. :smiley: