Envato New Payment System Form C & Minimum Payout

Envato has introduced a new payment method. I got the email of that. On the method, if I select Bank transfer, I need to submit a Form C on the Bank as Envato mentioned.

  1. So, Where can I get the Form C?

  2. Previously, the minimum payment for SWIFT transfer was $500 & the Payoneer & PayPal was $50. Now, as the only transfer option is Bank Transfer (on my region), what is the minimum payout amount?


You can use Payoneer as your payout Read Envato Article Carefully.
Go to this link

Log into your Payoneer account:

  1. Navigate to Get Paid >> Receiving Accounts
  2. Choose your USA account
  3. Under Account details you’ll find your routing number (ABA) and account number

And Add your Payoneer.

Still any query reply here.


But I want to get paid directly to my local bank account. And Envato mentioned that we need to fillup Form C each month & give it to our local bank when receiving payments. So where do I get Form C?

Check here