Envato MUST doing something with this.

The menu has moved a little to the left and it terribly annoying. Does someone have the same problems?


Same here. A detail, maybe, but my brain refuse to click at the new spot. I hate it too. :crazy_face:

Yep, I see it too. Safari browser.

Envato, please fix this!

I punched random children in the face because of this!


@RobertSlump :))))

but hey, it’s a bit annoying at the beginning (i’ve seen it too now)

but maybe it’s because…it’s a change ? and we’re used to the old style ?

i think I will like it better like this
i like changes, it keeps chucking out old things :slight_smile:

Yes, same problem)
Google Chrome.

I agree with you, Alex. But as I see it is not a bug, and it is a very strange and inconvenient piece. Why it had to be done, can someone explain? :slight_smile:

Too I experience inconveniences. Of course you can live with this. But I’ll be glad if it’s fixed)

I just point over a circle (user) logo and it’s ok. :slight_smile:

Hello and thank you for reporting this problem.

@BenLeong Did you know about this?


Extremely annoying when using trackpad. It’s the typical dropdown menu diagonal hover problem. This is why hover menu design pattern needs to be considered an anti-pattern in the current times.

Either have it on click or go through the all the extra trouble of dropping right at the place of cursor.

that’s terribly annoying

Please try to take cursor on user name or icon user, may be it’s work :smiley:

Hi @AlexTantsura (and @ThemeSLR) - thanks for letting us know! I’ve just raised this with our developers, and they’re looking into it.


Wow me too it is hard to use.