envato misleading advertising

In the description specified Bussines Finder that is compatible with WPML and page addresses WMPL website. I bought it and is not supported. I spent $ 95.00 for nothing. Worse Envato not address my requests to fix it by having spent 6 months after purchase

Hi , sorry for your issue.
Ever contacted with the author of the item?

I’ve tried, but the page says I have no support after 6 months … Now it is when I tried WMPL!!

The author is the only person who can fix the issue without costing money so I would speak to them. It doesn#'t matter if you have no support left, the item should still work as described, are there any other reports of the issue on the comments for the item?

Have you also checked with WPML as they are normally really good with fixing issues with their plugin and themes.

I wrote to WPML, but only showed me some server memory issues …

Are you sure the issue is the theme and not hosting etc?

@Gareth_Gillman is right - if it advertises to support WPML then it has to do so. It seems very silly to mention this on the item if it really is not compatible.

either way the author is the person to ask

I do not know. Just looking for help…