Envato Meetup Belgrade 2015 Review

Hey folks!

On 29th of August @damirkotoric organized an Envato meetup in Belgrade, Serbia.
We’re a bit late with post and photos, but still wanted to share a bit of the atmosphere with you.

It was a great pleasure to finally put faces to some of well-known usernames from the Envato community and meet new users as well. We had the opportunity to share experiences and chat on- and off-topic in a casual atmosphere of a shaded backyard of one of the oldest restaurants in Belgrade’s bohemian street - Skadarlija. In casual conversations a couple of new ideas were born, numerous advice passed over, there were talks about potential collaborations. And, oh, did I mention delicious food - ćevapi? :slight_smile:

Not being from Belgrade, I had to travel a few hundred kilometers to the meetup. But that seems like a few centimeters comparing to the trip guys from @RedLionProduction took - they came specifically to the meetup all the way from Ekaterinburg, Russia, which is more than 3000 kilometers away straight line! Now that’s the spirit! :slight_smile:

Due to the organizational constraints, the meetup was limited to 20 participants. But even though it seems like a small number, there simply wasn’t enough time to engage in a conversation with everyone. I’m definitely looking forward to another meetup. Who knows, I might even try and organize one :wink:

Thanks to Bojan @3eka for bringing his camera and providing you all the glimpse of the atmosphere.



I had a great time with you all. It was one of the highlights of my time at Envato so far :smile:

Thank you for the awesome writeup @urbazon

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It was great indeed and ofcourse, thank you @damirkotoric for organizing meetup :smile:
Let get to last picture.
Left side (bottom to top) : Damir, Brandbusters, sorry can’t remember name, DejanS…
Right side (bottom to top): Can’t really remember names of this 3 guys (sorry for that), Urbazone guy with fancy glasses :), myself, Shockymocky…

I have organised for everyone to get the Meetup Participant badge. If you attended the meetup and somehow didn’t get a badge yet, please let me know.

man party?

really nice meetup, we would like do a meetup in our country but we dont know more people around us :frowning: . we are from Colombia, we are latinos. Congratz!!

If you make it next year I might roll along, iwthemes.

Next year we expect an invitation!

Nisam ni znao da postoji envato meet-up u Srbiji, a kamo li da će biti ćevapa :smiley:

Looks good. :pig_nose: Do Envato staffs also participate in a meetup?
My country, Korea, has only few users of Envato marketplaces.

Hahaha!!! We r like a spies! :sunglasses: No names, No faces!!! :smiley: