Envato Market vs. Envato Elements Subscription?

WOW this is false advertising. I almost got caught upin the same van as everybody else here. I was on envato market about to purchase a couple of tracks, pop-up comes in all “Hey, get Everything you need in one place” but the lack of clear information in the payment page gave them away. not cool envato, it seems you’re just not trying too hard to make clear that is not really EVERYTHING you need in one place, so you can packet a couple of bucks.
But thats ok envato, it isn’t all complaining and “negative vibes” I can give you the solution to the problem, no need to thank me: so here it goes: how about you list ALL the things that are included in the subscription, on the payment page, and maybe a clarification of what is NOT included?

tip for you dear envato: people actually like transparency, and appreciate a brand telling things as they are, and on the other hand, people is quick to build mistrust when they sense a brand is taking advantage of them, so future-proof your business by being a brand of trust and transparency to your clients.

thank you for listening, good bye

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Query, is the version of those themes and plugins that are found in both Envato Elements and Market the same? Are they updated from the same repository, or are the Elements versions updated less often/if at all?

It’s unclear from the documentation I’ve found so far.