Envato Market UX & Design: General Update, New Background & Content Presentation Changes

Hey Everyone!

My past 12 months as Head of UX and Design at Envato have been really exciting. Most of this time has been spent building a really awesome team, and putting in place the right way of working. We’re now really proud of the design team at Envato and of how we work. You might have seen some great stuff we delivered in the past few months – from the item support explainer video to the visual changes at Envato Tuts+, as well as the new community home.

We are committed to iterating on the design over and over again: instead of working for months and months on a complete redesign, we plan to release new designs in smaller slices, monitor the impact and your feedback, and iterate on it. We also have a solid plan for user research and testing that we are carrying out to find out more about our users’ needs and make sure that our work is aligned with them.

We believe this is the right approach when working on big sites such as Envato Market and we are starting to see its benefits – and so will you, very soon!

Some changes you’ll notice in the next round of iterations:

  • New background. We are changing the background image for the home page, search results page, and all static pages across Envato Market.
  • More autosuggest. We will add this feature to the search results page – first on ThemeForest and VideoHive, and then on the other marketplaces. A great example of delivering smaller pieces of work, monitoring, and iterating.
  • Content presentation! We are creating ad-hoc pages for the top-level categories of ThemeForest, and taking better care of metadata. Presenting the content in the right way, and with the right information, makes it easier to discover, and improves the relevancy of the search experience.

There’s more stuff to come later and we’ll update this thread as new releases go out, so watch this space and enjoy the new changes!


Some changes are nice and glad to have it but I’m always missing the old badges : https://web.archive.org/web/20140101023930/http://codecanyon.net/community/badges

@christhelwell - It’s always great to see this kind of improvements (if done right, of course :stuck_out_tongue: ) :slight_smile: Cheers to that!

However, I’d like to remind (beg?) again for the UX team to finally give some love to author Portfolio pages. They are still detached from the main search functionalities and some authors (including myself) who have many items (my VideoHive portfolio is counting almost 4500 items!) are having messy portfolios - why not include some filters, just like on the main search page? Also, whenever search is used on portfolio page, we lose the ability to download our own items (ie. the download link is gone).

We’ve been asking for this for years now. Any chance for you to take a look into Portfolio pages?

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As we mentioned above we’ve just launched the new background image for the home page, search results page and all static pages across Envato Market. Go check them out.


Just an update on how things are going, we’ve just updated the heading, page title and meta descriptions on the ThemeForest homepage and top level category pages. More to come.

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Waiting for other features to increase the user-experience

Hey everyone, just a quick update to let you know we’ve updated the heading, page title and meta descriptions on all other marketplaces. And stay tuned for more :wink: