Envato Market Promotion Request Declined



Hello. I registered an account and I want to use it for the Affiliate Program. I do not generate any traffic at the moment, but I prepare a large platform for the future. I received a letter that Envato turns off the Affiliate program and moves it to Impact. I applied and got this: http://prntscr.com/kzctqm

What does it mean? New people are no longer accepted into the system? Where does the traffic come from, if Iโ€™m just starting out?

New Market affiliate program has launched!! ๐Ÿš€

Hello @SteakThemes

you can read this for more: New Market affiliate program has launched!! ๐Ÿš€

Contact to emile_b

Thanks :slight_smile:


The same thing happened to me. in my case i had been making money with my site. Although itโ€™s a small amount l, my site have been growing.

now are they cutting out small blogers and preventing new people from joining the program?


Hi @SteakThemes,
Thanks for the added information there. We have proposed a new IO so once you accepted that youโ€™ll be approved to the affiliate program. Log in to your account. You should see the notifications symbol with a small red number. Click this and click on the โ€˜new Proposed IOโ€™ note.

New affiliate are most definitely accepted and encouraged to join!
Any issues let me know,


Apologies for this @page9011, happy to reassess your application if you can send me your IR username,


Hey @emile_b

Same problem, i need change domain on form. Could you help me please


Hey @Ninetheme, what was the username you used on Impact. Let me know the new domain so Iโ€™ll consider that when assessing the application


username: page01

I have replied by an email. pleas check it out thank you



username : ninetheme

domain : www.demo-ninetheme.com ( traffic here : http://demo-ninetheme.com/demobar/ )

Thank you


Hi there? I have not got any reply. I just wonder โ€ฆ


I havnโ€™t got any news since the last reply

I just wonder if you did not get the email.


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