Envato Market Promotion Request Declined



Hello. I registered an account and I want to use it for the Affiliate Program. I do not generate any traffic at the moment, but I prepare a large platform for the future. I received a letter that Envato turns off the Affiliate program and moves it to Impact. I applied and got this: http://prntscr.com/kzctqm

What does it mean? New people are no longer accepted into the system? Where does the traffic come from, if I’m just starting out?

New Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀

Hello @SteakThemes

you can read this for more: New Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀

Contact to emile_b

Thanks :slight_smile:


The same thing happened to me. in my case i had been making money with my site. Although it’s a small amount l, my site have been growing.

now are they cutting out small blogers and preventing new people from joining the program?


Hi @SteakThemes,
Thanks for the added information there. We have proposed a new IO so once you accepted that you’ll be approved to the affiliate program. Log in to your account. You should see the notifications symbol with a small red number. Click this and click on the ‘new Proposed IO’ note.

New affiliate are most definitely accepted and encouraged to join!
Any issues let me know,


Apologies for this @page9011, happy to reassess your application if you can send me your IR username,


Hey @emile_b

Same problem, i need change domain on form. Could you help me please


Hey @Ninetheme, what was the username you used on Impact. Let me know the new domain so I’ll consider that when assessing the application


username: page01

I have replied by an email. pleas check it out thank you



username : ninetheme

domain : www.demo-ninetheme.com ( traffic here : http://demo-ninetheme.com/demobar/ )

Thank you


Hi there? I have not got any reply. I just wonder …


I havn’t got any news since the last reply

I just wonder if you did not get the email.


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