Envato Market Promotion Request Declined so how to re-apply

Hello. I registered an account and I want to use it for the Affiliate Program. I do not generate any traffic at the moment, but I prepare a large platform for the future. I received a letter that Envato turns off the Affiliate program and moves it to Impact. I applied and got this: Screenshot by Lightshot

What does it mean? New people are no longer accepted into the system? Where does the traffic come from, if I’m just starting out?
so how can i reapply and approve my affiliate programme


They decline your application that’s true.
May be you didn’t fill up form accordingly

Here is Envato market affiliate program

You can learn about affiliate program form submission from here
Here is Envato youtube video how can you starting your affiliate marketing

For more information you can contact with (Envato Affiliates Team) affiliate support @emile_b or market.affiliates@envato.com

hope this video will helpful for you.

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from your screenshots I can guess you have no traffic record for affiliate. so, please make some traffic first, may be you didn’t start affiliate with ?ref=username. So try to use ?ref=username to get some traffiic then apply. Hope your application will approve.

i fill up form accordingly but this happened :cry::cry::cry:

Did you submit your TIN ID ?

Thanks a lot for your suggestion

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No i didnot . but i filled up the form about as i am not non us person . and i filled up also i am not now eligible for tax in my country .

Open a TIN certification and provide your TIN id Hope getting Approved.
Create your TIN from here BD TIN Without TIN your account will not approved.

Tin Creation youtube video for BD people

And Remember This link ref=username will not work.

Envato Message
We’d like to give you a heads up that due to technical limitations of the current affiliate program, the Envato Market affiliate program will be closing down on Monday 1st October 2018.

This means that after this date, you will no longer be able to earn affiliate commission on referrals and your affiliate links (“?ref=yourusername”) will no longer be valid.

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion