Envato Market Plugin Setting is empty

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On another website with a different theme I updated to the latest Envato Market Plugin and then updated the theme but it crashed the site with critical errors. Using this theme from same Author as my original post https://themeforest.net/item/construction-wordpress-theme/14802222

Hi All,

I am really confused about the license terms.

I want to use a template to build aa property management Web Application where Landlords will pay for listing there properties on the site., and but general public can view the site after registering.

Typically, we will have paying users and none paying users.
Am I allowed to do that under your Regular Licence terms.


Hola @Kola2012

I think you are in the wrong place to ask your question, since this question in principle, is directed to a plugin, Envato Market.

Despite this, I can tell you that there are many questions in the forums related to Licensing, you only have to type LICENSES in the search bar and many of them will appear.

Also, in themeforest you can check the different licenses.
And in the template in question that you want to buy, you will see the terms of the two types of licenses that exist, Regular License and Extended License.
I hope it helps you.
a greeting

Still getting blank settings even with 2.0.5