Envato Market Plugin issue detected

Where can I submit an issue detected in your plugin?

In multisite installations isn’t possible to add more than one theme or plugin in the list. When you add a second one the first one is deleted from the database.

I need to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for your great job.

Kind regards.

Maybe that template or plugin is not build for multi sites than only on one site?

The issue is generated by your plugin: Envato Market.

You can add whatever you want, the plugin just save the last plugin or theme added. The issue is not related with multisite compatibility. I tested it in two installations.

Kind regards.

This is public forum and I am not employer of Envato. If is working on 2 different multi site than problem is not in plugin it is something else.
That is problem in plugin it would work on any multi site simple logical thinking.