Envato Market: Item Analytics tab is not working

Can someone explain why analytics for a product item is missing? It is now just an empty graph.

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Same here.

If you haven’t forgotten about SEO and Cyber Week Sales .))))), it’s either Envato is preparing us for the future or there’s a problem with the “data” as I think they are merging the systems with SS - had been some issues with “statistics” earlier at Elements and probably we will see some updates here

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GA3 was recently switched off as some systems are migrating to GA4. That may have something to do with it.


Any information that when it’d be ready? An estimate?
Would it be possible to see the traffic during “down” period later on the statictic?

Hi @ki-themes & @Avirtum. This is currently under investigation, but there’s no ETA yet - it looks like these were affected by the GA3 shutdown. Any Market authors who were using Google Analytics should still be getting more detailed weekly CSV reports, as those were a priority to move over to GA4.

Once the /analytics item page reports are back, they should have pageview data for the “downtime” period.

I’ll check with that team again tomorrow, and will update this thread if there is more information available.


Zero views on new tracks - - - nothing on any tracks since June ended.
That’s never happened before.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Or is it just me? :grimacing:


Yeah, I also find that from 1st July the visitors show nothing. Seems like its a glitch again.

Same here, on my Themeforest dashboard.

Any estimated timeline on when this is going to be fixed?



This is what I got from the support:

I don’t have a solid date to share right now, but the issue should be solved in a few weeks.