Envato Market - Cyber Monday 2017 is coming!

The items to be featured in Envato’s Cyber Monday campaign are ready to be revealed (drumroll please),
It’s vital you remember the following:
Please don’t publish any of these on your site/blog/channel until the sale launch has been announced on November 21st. Campaign dates are: Tuesday 21st November 14:00 AEDT - Wednesday 29th November at 14:00 AEDT 2017.

Access the lists for all Cyber Monday items here.
Download all banners to support the campaign here.
Please note: Items may change throughout the campaign, but we’re pretty sure they won’t.

On the day of launch an email will be sent which will include all important landing page links where items included in the campaign will be listed.
We’d love to know how you plan to promote Cyber Monday and if there’s anything else we can provide for you so send us an email and tell us your plans - emile.ben-atar@envato.com.
Author affiliates: Please note all items have now been selected and it’s too late to nominate your items

7 days to launch and counting!
Envato affiliate team

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