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Can I change the colors of the Envato logo in my project

Hi. I’ve seen authors changing the color of Envato logo, so I think it’s allowed. But don’t change the shape of the logo or any vector line of it, I’m sure that’s not possible because you would receive at least a soft rejection.

Hi.Yes, I also saw several works where the authors changed the colors of the logo. But maybe the reviewers looked. In my two works, the logos were repainted and these works were not accepted. I thought maybe this was the reason? The repainted Envato logo could become the reason for the hard rejection?

Basic envato logo rules:

Maybe for a soft rejection, but not hard. Perhaps your work was rejected because of quality, not because of the repainted logo. You can write a link here to a video preview of your projects, so we can give you some feedback

Pro Corporate Slideshow 28736686 - Logo repainted red.The project is for sale

Yes you can change it

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My personal tip: Use your own logo.


Yes, I’ve thought about it too.) That’s exactly what I’ll do.Thanks

Yes Of Course, You can change the logo.