envato lisanse key

hi friends
i have a Mindig: a Flat & Multipurpose Ecommerce Theme lisans key.
im setup it this template but
Brainstorm Force want to a lisans key.
i take envato lisans key and go brainstorm force web page.
im sellect product
i paste a envato key
and im write my web name
later im click to validate licanse but give me a error
Incorrect Purchase Key.
how can i take brainstorm force lisans key

Hello :slight_smile: Here is how you access your purchase code:


If you’re using the correct purchase code and it’s still not working, then there may be something wrong with that author’s support page. You can contact them through their profile page using a contact form found on the right side of this page.

Hope that helps!

i make that but dont working in https://support.brainstormforce.com/request-support/

Then you’ll want to contact the author using the link I provided above. Something must be goofy with their support forum :slight_smile:

Hey KingDog, would you mind if I use your GIF for my customers incase they need help with license? :grin:

Not at all! I took it off another author myself :smiley:

yes, I should update it with new look of the marketplace though :smiley:


Yes please, that would be helpful.

Okay. Sounds good :smiley:

I want to give the developers some some plugins (Fancy Product Designer) bought here to see if they can customize
and must give them license key?
I can still use the plugin?
if I will not cooperate with some of them

Where can I activate my license? I have a license