Envato Liecense from personal mail to company mail

Is it possible to license the items/assets i’ve used in a video from my personal mail which i used to buy the subsription be licensed again when my company purchases the enterprise ultimate plan to avoid copyright and other legal issues?

You don’t need to re-register the items you have already used on projects by personal account when the item is being used by the company.

If there’s a new project ( end-product ) you can register/get the license by the company account, otherwise, you can just share the license you registered with your account, it’s still valid ( there’re exceptions though with fonts and some other materials )

If you want to transfer the license or change the license type, you can register the items with the company account.

Is it from Elements or Marketplace, by the way?

Very interesting and this is from Elements, stock videos and music only. We have access to adobe suit so we have all the fonts we’d ever need.

BTW are you aware if the ultimate plan can be customised for a single user?

For Elements, I think one license would be enough and you don’t need to change/transfer the license again unless you re-post the video online ( YouTube ) than if you prefer, you can change the license with the one you could created at company account

I’m not familiar with the plan ( Assuming it’s from Elements ) but you can contact Element support

Got it. Super thanks for the very quick reply <3