Envato license

I want to ask do I need any license from Envato before I upload my item on the market and get it approved??

Not if it’s all your own work and not using 3rd party or licensed elements

You can use our helpdesk (you can found at our portfolio) which is an Envato desk that can allow you to verify your purchase code and more other operations,

What I am saying is that if it’s my own work and I want to sell it exclusively not only on Envato market place… do I need any kind of license or what ?


Your comments seem a little confusing, but for avoidance of doubt:

  1. Before you can upload any items, you’ll need to sign up and create an Envato account on Envato Market;
  2. As an author on Envato, you have the choice to offer your items on an exclusive or a non-exclusive basis with Envato. If you are an exclusive Author, then you cannot sell your items that you sell with them anywhere else - including your own website;
  3. Not everything you create is ready to be an Envato item. Give your item the best chance at success by ensuring you have followed any Technical and Quality Requirements for your item type;
  4. Assets are components that form part of your item. Your item is the product you are making available on Envato to be licensed to your customers. You should only use assets in your items that you own or have a sufficient license for the use. Assets that are used for demonstration purposes only are referred to as assets in item preview and should not be included in the item download.
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