Envato license

I purchased after effect template from Envato market.
I bought it at a price that fits the license of the template.
I bought it with my account from the company where I work.
And I filled in the company name in the account settings.
I work at a broadcasting station and I made a video with the template I purchased.

Is there no problem with the license in this way?

Is it just a platform between Envato or the author and the consumer?
Is the license a problem between the author and the buyer?

If I purchase a product, is the account person authorized to use the license?
And I’d like to know if it doesn’t matter if I use it for the company I work for.

Does this condition apply only to Envato market?

A team (2 people) from the company I work for subscribes to Enavtolement and uses the products.
Is there no license problem in this case? Are commercial, non-profit, commercial use all available?

If the number of team members increases to 6 people, should I change from team subscription to Enterprise? Or can I create one more account and divide it into three people and buy it as a team subscription and use it?

I think there are too many questions, but I’d appreciate it if you could answer them.
I’m so curious.