Envato keeps rejectering without obvious explaining and that's un acceptable!

and here is how to edite my mock up through tutorials

Why without explaining? Actually Envato are sending the list of reasons. You can find it in your email. So this item is not suitable for one of the reasons from this list

no they jusy keep reject without " detailed " explains! just due to quality standards and send me here to ask you ppl!

Envano gives back information. This is called a “soft refusal.” Do you really think that Envato is supposed to answer thousands of authors whose works are not of high quality? They do not owe anything to anyone. After all, it was you who came to the Envato, and not the Envato called you. I’m just trying to say, that I wouldn’t call it "unacceptable!"
Make great items and everything will be ok :wink: Good luck!

just a few things based on the preview image/video:

  • no changeable floor/background
  • no automatic perspective floor/background with smart objects
  • no fully separated shadows
  • no adjustment of the shading and shadows, only the color and perhaps the logo