Envato June (Upcoming) Promotions Sale Making Disaster for authors

Many of our products are selected for Envato June promotion but it turning out to be a big mistake for us as authors

May was a decent month for us but Envato upcoming sale which is scheduled on 19th June is killing our sales now. I think it’s because of the notification on item page which is showing this message

“This item is scheduled for a 35% discount period from 19/06/2023 to 30/06/2023.”

Why are you guys showing such message 20days before the sale? Why would any customer buy our item when its showing big discount. We were having 10-12 sales/ day in previous month and now in last 6days, we are having 2-4 sales :frowning:

What should we do now? Your 12days sale is ruining sales for rest of the 18days of this month

It is shown only to the author of the item.