Envato is denying access to Impact Radius affiliate program for certain US States

I’ve been an affiliate for years and have referred over 1000 people to Envato. Now I’m told to apply to the Impact Radius program so I do and am instantly denied. Here is the response from Envato:

Having affiliates in some US states imposes additional compliance obligations on Envato (Given Envato are a US registered entity). Because of this, the risks are too high for both Envato and the affiliates. Accordingly, Envato is not on-boarding affiliates until further notice from the following states:
Rhode Island

Seriously, Envato thinks it’s fine to switch to a system that just blocks out all of these affiliates? Is Envato actually going to fix this issue so we don’t lose out on affiliate money or is this just how it’s going to be and we just have to deal?? Also, I’m an affiliate for many other companies (some through Impact Radius) so this reasoning makes no sense.