Envato, I guess you can finally use hexagon flag badges now!

Hello guys,

Few years ago Envato decided to purchase my flag icon items to use for their Envato authors badge. Now some years have passed and the round circle just doesn’t fit with the rest of hexagon badges. So in my latest update of that item, I decided to include a hexagon version (which i made sure fits with the author badges shape perfectly), so if Envato desires they can just re-download the item and use the hexagon shape instead. I hope the word gets to them with this forum post.

I am not linking the file here as it might get listed as self promoting.

Take care all,

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Wow man that’s cool, I didn’t know you were the author of the Envato badges. :+1:

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Not the whole set of badges, they simply used the flags i did for the set of badges. So basically, only the flags.