Envato Hosted: Browse by Designs

Hi all,

Today the Hosted team are pleased to announce the launch of Browse by Designs, allowing customers to view by individual designs - a new way to find what they are looking for.

Check it out here!

We’re launching today with a selection of designs and will be adding more in the coming weeks from our existing catalogue of Hosted themes.

Along with this release, our team are set to invite more authors to join Envato Hosted in the months ahead. Stay tuned for more updates as we add new features, themes and designs!


Hi All

Will you invite just power elite authors or hav a chance for elite authors?

I am trying to find a way to contact the envato support tram regarding a ticket I opened for a refund on Thursday. And today is Saturday
Therr is no way to follow up and I have spent hoirs going in ciircles. Tana Magazine template has mot installed and no one can assist me Even my service provider. This is the only place I can ask for help as everywhere else is blocked to contact you for help I have been a member of Envato for years and this is how I am treated. Please can someone respojd to me on geniene@anytimemedia.co.za as my blog cannot stay under construction much longer.

Hi, here is a link with a similar situation which might help:

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Hi Ninetheme,

It’s still early days for us so we’re focused on learning about our small-to-medium business (SMB) customers and developing the best way for them to search, shortlist, select and purchase. We hope to have this site in a fairly stable place towards the end of the year, at which point we’ll work out which authors/themes to bring onboard.

That said, we are pretty close to bringing on a small number of niche themes to see how they perform against some of the multipurpose themes we already have. What we’re looking for is:

  • Niche theme (i.e. targeted at a particular type of business/industry, the more niche the better)
  • Easy to use (for novice customers not WordPress experts)
  • Optimised for performance (uses WordPress best practices, no excess plugins, etc)
  • Contains one or more Designs (also known as demos, looks or starter sites)

If that sounds like a theme you have then get in touch with our support team and we’ll ensure you’re considered for the next round of recruitment.



Hi @andrewfreeman and Envato Hosted team,
Congrats for finally finishing the Browse by Design.

We have many times requested to submit our theme to Envato Hosted but you always say that we need to wait for the new Browse by Design and now I hope you will receive our requests.

We believe that our themes perfectly fit what you are looking for since we always build theme for small niches and our themes are high quality and are all very easy to use.

Currently we have Hotel WP, MagWP and HairSalon WP are the 3 most easy to use with high-performance theme that are all niche themes of areas like Hotel, Beauty and Blog/Magazine.

We also have more niche themes like Coaching WP, Landscaping and Charities. Please take a look at our portfolio.


Is there any way I can be also involved in? I am a level 13 Power Elite Author, tried to send contacts Envato Help but no luck yet.


@ThimPress @SW-THEMES - We’ll check out your themes and get in touch shortly :slight_smile:


FYI clicking on the username takes you to the author profile page, hitting the browser back button doesn’t return you to the hosted page.

Thank you Andrew :slight_smile:

And please check our portfolio :slight_smile: There are niche and multipurpose items with very good comments and reviews. All the best

Hi @andrewfreeman ,

would you mind checking our Brooklyn Theme and getting in touch with us afterward?

Wondering why no one contacted us earlier. As you can see, we are part of ThemeForest for a long time (Power Elite Author) now and our theme is on the top seller list since 2013. We’d really like to discuss this hosting program.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Best Regards

We are interested too. We would like to put our Kalium theme on Envato Hosted.


Are there any plans to expand this options through the entire WordPress categories on ThemeForest or will this be exclusively hand picked as elements are?

@andrewfreeman - Is there any update please? :slight_smile: