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Happy new year! We have a new feature on the Envato forums that will hopefully make it easier for you to find out when and where customers are discussing your items.

What is it?

The Saved Searches plugin sends you a daily private message with links to any forum posts containing search terms that you have saved. Use it to track mentions of your main items, helping you to discover potential customer conversations without having to read through every thread on the forums.

How does it work?

Every 24 hours, the forums will send you a private message containing links to posts that contain your search terms. These are displayed as threaded conversations (one message thread per search term), so you can easily find notifications without having your inbox flooded with hundreds of separate messages.

The searches are currently available to any author at Level 3 or higher. We may adjust the following settings later, but they currently allow for the following number of saved searches:

  • Level 3-4: 5 saved searches
  • Level 5-6: 10 saved searches
  • Level 7+: 15 saved searches

How do I set it up?

Start by going to your account settings: click on your avatar picture up the top of the page, and then click on the cog icon:

27 pm

Go to Preferences > Saved Searches and enter the terms you want to save. For most authors, we recommend adding the names of your top-selling items. If you focus on a specific category or niche, you might also be interested in monitoring terms like real estate or electronica to keep an eye on relevant discussions.

That helps you to quickly locate pre-sales questions wherever they may be posted on the forums, and it also gives you another tool for monitoring potential issues with your items, if there are complaints or other requests.

If there are 1-5 results for a search, you’ll receive a private message that looks like this:

Searches that had more than 5 results in the last 24hrs will produce a private message that just contains thread titles and links to the relevant posts, like this:


This is awesome! :smiley:

I was going to say the styling on my end doesn’t quite look as good as yours, but it’s probably a browser thing?



Hmm - that’s strange! The styling in my browser now looks more like your screenshot (in Chrome) - something must have changed in Discourse since I took the original screenshots. I’ll check to see if we can change that, or if it’s a core Discourse issue.


Great and useful feature!

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Good feature!

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Revolutionary feature…

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Nice feature. Going to be pretty useful for everyone.

Oops, I see why that happened. I made a fix for it, so it will look better when we deploy the next update.


@BenLeong @neillll I’m getting wrong results on one of my saved searches because its two word.

Example, I added the search word as “better envato” which is a chrome extension of mine. But when somebody mentions better and envato, I’m getting emails which is false. I only needed emails when these says together.

Correct: when someone says better envato is a good extension
Wrong: when some one says, this is a better idea. hope envato will fix it soon.

Please fix this or tell me a solution if any exists.


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It’s the same as searching manually:

Saved searches are using the same search, so try your search terms yourself until you find one that works.

Hi @surjithctly. Have you tried including quotation marks in the query?

e.g. search for "better envato" instead of better envato. Those bring up very different search results for me, and the version with quotation marks seems to give a much better hit rate for discussions about your Chrome extension.

With quotation marks:

Without quotation marks:


cool. I will try that.

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Thanks very useful :slight_smile:

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