Envato Famous Five Submissions


Hey, I just had this add on youtube showing up with my track, the add is for the great great Waves Audio products.


Nice work! Can you link the track used?


This is great! I think I thought I’d already featured it, but it must’ve been on the shortlist for a past episode. I’ll definitely be using this for an upcoming one!


its the https://audiojungle.net/item/uplifting-summer-sports-pop/8470291?s_rank=6


That’s nice. :blush: Thanks very much in advance! :v:


Hey! I’m just building youtube playlist with videos from my customers, so let’s also share some of their great work here! :slight_smile:

PromGirl - Popular clothing brand using my track : Fashionable Electronic Pop Dance

Cool cosplay video using my Energetic Indie Rock

Popular european ski resort also using Energetic Indie Rock - That also aired on the national TV.

And the last one, I don’t know if it’s high profile but the video is beautiful. It’s a tourist commercial for the french town Laon. Using my Epic


Our Applay is used by famous game Freeze 2! That’s an art-style game

Applay App Showcase WordPress Theme


A bunch of animations from @Multipedia used by The Daily Show!


Doctor Who! Season 10 Episode 8: The Lie of the Land…


Promo video for “Nimses” app (iOS, Android). More than 1M downloads in East Europe and Russia. How I know, they will soon launch this app in North America and around The World.

Cool music track by @Sky-Productions - Tempest Trailer


Amazon Fashion
#StreetStyle Day 4 - AIFW AW’17

With my music


Hi! German Football Club Schalke 04, a video about thier trip to China:


My music track “Epic Hip Hop” was used in Olympics Gold Medalist Natasha Hastings’ video.


Drone video


A video from Tai Lopez, internet traffic and marketing biggest celebrity. Just uploaded today, will surely gain massive views pretty soon. :slight_smile:

Using this track: www.bit.ly/tailopezpiano


Opening titles for russian-latvian TV series “Kvest” 2 season.
They used my AfterFX template "Movie Opener 2"


One of my templates was used to create a series of promotional videos for YONEX.

I’m not sure if I can call them “famous”, they’re not featuring Roger Federer or Nadal, but I still think they’re good.
What I like the most it’'s how the template was used. The way they customized the project to fit their style and design for the event it’s perfect.

Here is the link to the template:

I also want to thank @addeystock for sending this to me a while ago. I had completely forgotten about it.


Pittsburg State University . From 1:25


I was visited Tunesat and was surprised to find a bunch of detections on more than 30 US channels (like ESPN, AMC, Fox News, FoxSports1, Discovery, FX, History, CNN, Comedy Central, Spike TV, Syfy, NBC Sports). Here’s the video:

Track: Inspiring Technology


Football club PORTO