Envato Famous Five Submissions


Presentation video of the festival of floristics in Romania, using my track https://audiojungle.net/item/the-future/18498420


Z8Games Braised used my music in their video


A short feature/documentary about Jim Harrington who worked on the Ulysses space craft among other things. Featuring my song Inspiring Piano.


My cartoon transitions used mostly on blipi video :slight_smile:

here’s my item:

after effects version:


Hey there!

Which Envato item is this using?



It is:


Hope for Paws (1.6m. subscribers) using my Cinematic Strings for fresh video. 125 000 views in 24hours. I add jpg-hyperlink (youtube) because thumbnail image consist (16+ or 18+). It’s a great channel and i’m very appreciate what these guys doing so i’m glad to be a little part (as composer) of this video.


Thank you!


We have another great client that have used Aurum - Minimalist Shopping Theme theme for their site:

This is a popular rap group from Germany called 187 Strassenbande.

Their official channel on youtube has 850k subscribers and 508k views and a lot of their videos have millions of views.

We found out that this rap crew also won a lot of platinum and golden awards for their music.

You can view their Official site on this link http://187-strassenbande.de/shop/


Football Club Porto is used my track “Heroic Trailer” https://audiojungle.net/item/heroic-trailer/19826844
in this facebook video https://www.facebook.com/FCPorto/videos/10155374408439485/
on this moment 141K views, 5,7K likes and more than 1000 shares)))))


Hey everyone!

Here’s the Famous Five from last week :slight_smile:

Congratulations to @Pirenko, @BonfireThemes, @Rickyloca, @melodrama, @REACTORENERGY and all the other authors who were featured, or whose items were used this episode.


Wow! Thanks so much to all my buyers and Envato team! :pray:


What a great news! But you are late guys, I’ve already shared your video last friday! hehe =)


Haha. You’re so on it!!



My item: https://audiojungle.net/item/electro-blues-groovy-song/19480075?s_rank=1

Was creatively and with good taste used in a huge Motorola campaign in Poland. You can find it every day in TV stations. I found it by accident, because I’m living… in Poland :smiley:


My track Life has been used by Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago) in their Robot Revolution Trailer. Pretty cool if you ask me :slight_smile:



This track was bought by broadcast and film license for advertising Defacto NBA collection on Turkish central TV.

Link on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyfWItbbzZU



Hey guys!

Our Education WordPress Theme | Education WP has been used by Joe Parys, one of the bestselling Instructors on Udemy with 67 Courses about programming, web design, etc, and he is serving 288,000 students. I guess he is quite famous amongst the instructor community and also in the Education field :slight_smile:

Check out his website that is using our theme: https://www.joeparys.com/


Hey guys,

we just noticed our Koda theme was used on the “Student Success Agency” website. It’s a big, US personal agents (college advisors) organization helping students receive advising for college admission, scholarships, and career success.

The Student Success Agency itself was featured on Gates Millennium Scholars, The White House (yes, THE White House), TEDx and NBC.

May be not the best implementation of the theme we’ve seen so far, but still a good one. Enjoy.