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Does anyone know if this is using an AudioJungle track? ^^


It’s a bit ‘talky’ compared to Home and Away and Neighbours, but it’s about time they came out with a soap to try and rival one of the big two. Could be the Dawson’s Creek of Australian soaps.

Not sure if the government workplace setting will be off-putting for younger viewers, and the acting is a little bit wooden, but I’m sure they’ll come into their own in the second season… it’s got potential. I mean, it can’t be worse than Sons and Daughters.

Nice find.


Splash Damage uses my track Epic Cinematic Dubstep for their latest launch video for the game Dirty Bomb - Ranked Season 2.



One of my 2013 tracks, The World is Ending is the “main menu” background music in the PC-Mac game Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf :slight_smile:

It seems that it will be released for PS4 too, so I hope they will stick with my track :stuck_out_tongue:

It can be heard in the first two minutes of this game review.


Thank you very much for including my post @DomHennequin :slight_smile:



Thank you @DomHennequin for including my post! I think you guys did a great job on the video. :thumbsup:


Thanks, +1 :slight_smile:


Congratulations to you all :slight_smile:


Alex Jones Info Wars channel used my Glitch Intro way back, before Trump got elected :smiley:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJqLAleEnKw
2,5 million views :slight_smile:

Also audio by @Different-Music was used :slight_smile:


Trabzonspor is one of the biggest football club in Turkey. They used my videohive project “Platinum Logo Reveal”. They are celebrating 50th years anniversary . At start and end of the video you can see.


Not quite what you may look for, but still had my template shown in viral tutorial video on popular Dr Strange effect - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFcpjN1Wyuw it is on 0:28


Our track Uplifting Strings https://audiojungle.net/item/uplifting-strings/17337035 was used in the video of famouse fashion designer Mischka Aoki. Beautiful Video :slight_smile:


This weird video has amassed a whopping 8 million views. It utilizes my tune Scifi:

Same producer has used same tune in another video that is already gaining momentum with 3 million views:


My track “Epic” was in Hyunday commercials.


My piece “Medieval” was featured in the video game “Expect the Unexpected” that was recently Greenlit on Steam!


Legend of motosports Jeremy McGrath used my track MechanizeD (aka Cinematic Rock Trailer) on #truckfirma campaign
Awesome trailer editing too

Check video here !




CeBIT 2017 / Microsoft use MapSVG WordPress plugin for CeBit floorplan! (scroll down the page to see the floorplan)!: https://www.microsoft-politik.de/de-de/politik/technologietrends/cebit-2017.aspx


My track https://audiojungle.net/item/cinematic-epic-trailer/19235319 in reel Best Animation || 2nd Place