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Hello! Here are my music used in book trailer


Hi @DomHennequin ,

in the announcement on the authors dashboard you’re asking for new submissions.

Just to remember, I suggested this youtube video in July last year which has now already over 5.2 million views.

What’s wrong with it? Or do I miss something?

Thanks for your attention and your answer in advance. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oops, here’s the video again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsgZ_urGdr4


Look ths


My Track “Safari” https://audiojungle.net/item/safari/12607732 in
Carrie goes to the EVERLAND SAFARI. | CarrieAndToys


And where was this item used?


Nope. You’ve done everything right. I’ll consider this for an episode early this year :slight_smile:


Hey @zemletrus,

Has this popped up anywhere famous?


Hey Dom, have compiled a list of links and info regarding the aforementioned brands/artists and in addition I’ve been able to gather and add a few more that I have yet to mention in my post.

As the list is lengthy I thought i’d better send it as a direct message rather than forum post.

Cheers !


Thanks @Artistic_Influence1!


Thanks @DomHennequin ! Not a bad answer for Friday the 13th :smile: Now I feel much better.


Hello everybody! This is the first project that i found using one of my tracks, which by the way was my first submission in to audiojungle.


Here is video with my music (Funky Fashion) rotated on DucascopyTV (Swiss Financial television) about fashion show featuring Benoit De Gorski’s stuff (jewelry boutique) and Georges Rech (stylish clothes). Main themes: fashion, style, luxury


Interview with my music:
He worked with Chris Brown, Rihanna and other famous artists.

My music:


Hi! Here is my Elegant Ambient Glitch in MVAgustaMotor


A few of my tracks were used by Joe Capra and one of them made a Staff Pick at Vimeo:



Poster Spy is using my ImagePress plugin for WordPress and I have done a bit of custom development work in 2016 for them.

Poster Spy is the web’s leading source of alternative posters designed by global artists. They worked with Universal, Disney, Warner Bros, nVidia, Ubisoft and many more. Thanks to them, I have optimised my plugin for the best performance possible.

I am very proud to have my plugin used for such a great community.


Hello evrybody! This is the fashion project used my pop track in the video!

This link on my projects -



Hi everyone!

Well, this one gained some fame…and some pretty funny comments too! :smiley:

Item Used:

Another one:

Item Used: