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Hello. I have a few questions:

  1. I am already selling instrumentals on beatstars but only as an unfinished product: unmastered mp3/wave or stems (tracks exported separately). I want to sell them as a finished product too (the mastered track - for those who want to use the track as it is without having to pay a mastering engineer to polish the unmastered -6db headroom track. Will it count as an exclusive since beatstars and audiojungle do not sell the same type of product and obviously do not address the same audience (i doubt a musician can do anything with an already mastered track)?
  2. can the track be removed from audiojungle if I sell the unmastered as an exclusive on the other website? thank you!

Does anyone have any idea who to address to?

2: yes you can
1: you should ask some Envato staff

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Thanks for the answer! Can you tell me where can I contact them?

You can contact support here, Help ticket , they will be happy to assist you.