Envato Elite features not showing up


I just surpassed the Envato Elite mark (finally), but I am not seeing the Envato Elite badge or analytics in my dashboard. I was assuming that hitting the $75,000 in sales would automatically trigger entry into Envato Elite, but it has not.

Is there something else I need to do for this? I am an exclusive author.


It normally changes the next day (australia time) as Envato use caching on badges and stuff to not have to keep checking them (would be bad on the servers) so it should hopefully do it in the next 6 hours (it’s midnight in Australia at the moment).


Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the info!


hi, congrats for the accomplishment. U may try to log out and log in again also if what Gareth mentioned is not being working


Thanks. It has actually updated now, so everything is good.