envato elements (You are not authorized to do this - /api/v1/items/Y3F9ZWV/license.)

You can check this -
Elements Fair Use Policy:

Please contact elements support.


thank you, but i never got this message before. usually i have download items frequently, never got any issue before. but today i got this type issue.

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I am getting exactly the same error too. :frowning:

i also getting this problem :smiling_face_with_tear:

i thinking the root caused by the reCAPTCHA mechanism.

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good to know i’m not the only one who facing this issue :upside_down_face:…by the way, any one found the cause of this issue? or resolve this problem? :sob:

My error pop-up has stopped. The files I was getting the error on previously are no longer triggering it. I highly suspect it was some mechanism tied to limiting users the system suspected of violating the Fair Use Policy that @mgscoder linked above.

From a business standpoint, they don’t want someone to pay for a 1 month subscription and then downloading TB of files constantly that they aren’t actually using for projects.

I have to download a lot of files because the videographer authors create some many small clips that are actually slowed down pieces of a single larger video…and I want the large video. So i frequently hit the captcha and probably doing so multiple times gets your account flagged.

As the Fair Use Policy states, you can contact support and explain why you are downloading “more than average”.

Let me check into it with the Devs to see if there’s been anything up. Thanks!


I am also getting the same error message time. Exactly after I downloaded 99 video clips… but I need to make a one hour video, so how i can do that from 10-30 seconds clips if I do not download as much!

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Hi Guys,

When I want to download a file on Envato Elements I get the following error:

‘You are not authorized to do this - /api/v1/items/XB54HD5/license.json‘

How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance

Yes I am getting it too on everything, Ive contacted support and no reply as of yet. I pay yearly on Elements and I pay per item on videohive. And yes, I download more because I too may only need a tiny portion of a clip, none of the clips are enough for anything, also I do not use most of it, I use what works.

Yes, I do the same. But I read carefully, it said unlimited downloads if that is the case perhaps that should be stated, The only reason I paid for this yearly submissions is for that. I do not use all that I download because some items just may not work for what I am making at the moment. I have paid for this year and unable to download. Im also thinking it has something to do with hackers, because as I was searching for answers, I seen several sites actually on google, telling people how they can basically steal items from evato sites, with all the hard work the creators put into their creations. Perhaps it may be affecting us. I hope it get’s fixed soon.

Of course, if one is making videos, what are they expecting video makers to download? 10 clips?

Any single decent video will require 100-200 clips downloaded to make a 30 to 60 minutes video and they should have taken this into consideration. Downloading 200 clips is still fair use for video makers!

Most video clips here are around 15 seconds long… It is simply unfair that they just block you, without even an email notification from them and then you have to wait up to 5 days for them to reply… and who compensate our time and lost days without being able to download anything… we pay for stock items legally to make our lives easier …


People paid money for access to paid content. Why are they limited in the number of file downloads? I bought a subscription only because the site promised an UNLIMITED number of such downloads. No restrictions. And it doesn’t matter if I upload one file per day or 1000. I paid for this opportunity. I’ve had an error window pop up for several hours now when I try to download at least something.

It’s just a lie.

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You are not authorized to do this - /api/v1/items/MMJ8SWE/license.json

is displayed. What’s wrong?

This problem is too much. Any solution?

They believe that you are downloading files for the future, so to speak, in reserve, and not for any particular project. They think that people will buy a subscription and download 2-3 files a day. It’s just ridiculous.

If that’s the case, there’s no point in paying annually. The Envato team thinks we need to improve these things quickly.

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Yes, THE CAPTCHA IS A NIGHTMARE!!! OMG! I almost canceld my supscription because of it. It is overwhelming. You can click the correct photos, and it will continue to ask for you to click on more. Sometimes it never ends unless you just refresh and clean cookies and cache files.

Issue should be fixed now. Thanks!

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