Envato Elements: Worth for VH Authors?

only elements authors can see that part of the forum.

@mass-media That link goes to a comment from @devotchkah, who put together this infographic to explain the payment cycle:


In this example, you have customers who started their subscriptions at different points in February. We track all downloads from each of these customers for a full month, in order to calculate the subscriber share for each author. If a customer started their subscription late in the month, we don’t have all the data on their downloads until late in the following month.

For that example, authors are paid for all “February” subscriber downloads during April.

Hope that helps to explain the timing of payments, and the reason why there is a delay before earnings are paid. It’s made more complex by the subscriber-share model, but we believe that model is the fairest way of paying authors on Elements. If you’re interested, there’s a more complex description of how it works here.


Hey, looking at my items on Elements, the entire description page is missing and since it does not appear in the contributors dashboard I am unable to add one. It would be really smart if you at least would add a backlink to the videohive-page so they can get the info they need. Else all that hard work done on our sales pages is literally for nothing.

Not just the sales aspect, but important info is now left off, like what is and isn’t included, where to get the music, and any other important info.

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True, yes, didnt think about that! They better fix this quick.

The fix for the music link could be coming soon: I don't understand { please update the “AudioJungle Items Used in Preview” attribute. }

If you edit your items on videohive, you see a new description field called “Text Description”. There you enter your description for elements.

The normal videohive description, titled “HTML description” is not used as html descriptions and links are not allowed on Elements.

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How are Elements earnings coming along?

Elements earnings are only reported once a month, and always with a 2 month delay.
In the next few days will come out the next report that will have some earnings for video creators, but the first full report that accurately shows a full month of earnings is coming in around 33 days.


One question, how do you guys check your sales on Elements?

When I hover over my avatar (user icon) on the top right, drop down menu gives me only three options: my username, Help Center, Sign Out

I was able to get some earnings info by clicking on the link that Rickyloca left in the fifth post from the top. I have no idea where he found that page either :smiley:


UPD: We can’t check sales, we only get reports of earnings each month.

Thanks for the reply :wink:

Where is that elements/contributors/earnings page located you’ve just linked? Is it somewhere on the Elements homepage? I just don’t see it.

afaik it is a unique subdomain not accessible from elements.envato.com

Oh, I see, but then again, where did you guys find that subdomain? :smiley:

It was in one of the first mails I got from the elements team after becoming an author there. Pretty sure it is also available in the help center.

When Envato asked to choose payment method, they gave the link to this subdomain.

Thanks again for your response guys, I will have to check those emails again. Somehow I’ve missed that earnings page subdomain.

I was trying to figure that one out for a very long time :smiley:

Guys! We have a report from May! I’m shocked… don’t expected so much earnings! :laughing::tada:

17.7% in comparison with my May earnings from Videohive. It’s including 30% of Australian TAX. Without TAX I earned 25.2%
What will be in August then?

Also on Videohive I have 58 items, and on Elements 19… so 17.7% I earned from 32.7% of my portfolio.

UPD: I also happy because I don’t notice any decrease of earning on Videohive. So it’s extra 17.7% for my income.

UPD: And do you know the funniest thing? My top earning item on Elements has only one sale on VH this year in January! :laughing:


Not as good as I hoped, but the June report should be better.