Envato Elements WordPress Plugins Error Messages

Why do I get error messages and even a notification that the plugin is using the free version? How do I unlock the plugin? Where is the license code?

I paid for envato elements annual subscription just for the plugins, I would like to know and solve this issue asap. Help please.

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Hi @kevinmamaqi. Is that from this item (Ultimate WordPress Form Builder), or from one of that author’s other plugins (PDF creator or Form Themes add-on)?

The only feature that should require a purchase code to unlock is access to automatic updates - if the plugin is restricting access to any other functionality, that should not be the case.

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It is from The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder.

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I am experiencing the same issue here.
Nex-forms is asking for a purchase code and is in trial mode.


Thanks guys - our team is currently following up on this.

If you see a similar error message from any other plugin, please let me know and I’ll make sure it gets checked out - all plugins available on Elements need to have their key functionality available, and they are not permitted to lock this away behind a purchase code.


Looks like this plugin is no longer available. Will it be again after this is sorted out?

Any news on this?

I found another plugin that is asking for a purchase code: Flow-Flow.

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