Envato Elements Wishlist or Favorites


Hi ! Is there a way to save a list of items that we are interested in before going unlimited? There is no way to “favorite” something or save in a wishlist?


Open a folder in your favorite web browser and bookmark.


yes, I meant other than filling my browser with bookmarks… ?
Collections or Favorites on envato market allow to have that kind of list with a small visual preview, you know ?


Of course. We don’t have to agree but “bookmarking” is the most practical way in my humble opinion. One click and I’m there :slight_smile:

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Hi @solangelina! Sorry for the late reply - I just saw this post.

There currently isn’t a favourites/collections equivalent for Elements, but it’s a highly requested feature. Our developers and UX team are currently working on a few options for this.


Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be a priority as 4 months later there’s still no way to save an asset in a collection or favorite. Any update on implementing this feature?


Please add this feature! It is such a critical part of the user experience when browsing assets for a project. Also, it’s needed when I have to go back to find assets I regularly use for ongoing projects over and over.

The features exist on Marketplaces, why not port them over to Elements?


+1 for this request! Add this please!

I find myself downloading a lot of extra items just because I want to “Save them for later”. I’m sure this is just a waste of time, bandwidth (both for users + envato) and results in a frustrating experience.


+1 also need this please!


+1 please add it :slight_smile:

can you please add at the same time : a small icon on the bottom of the Element, near the quick download button in order to know if we download it already or not (sometimes I’m looking for quite the same picture and I don’t know if I downloaded already or not, just to save time and bandwidth

thank you


Envato team… please! We need this ‘favourites/wishlist’ feature on Elements. The service has so much potential to be amazing, but the lack of this feature makes it very difficult to use when you’re an agency or creative working on multiple projects. It’s such a basic, fundamental feature of a marketplace. Especially one where assets are meant to be browsed, searched, and used unlimited times in multiple projects.

Please make it a priority feature to add. Thanks!


+1 to this.

So much time wasted searching for items.

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Real priority… almost a year later and still no favorite… is it that hard for your “developers” and “UX team” to include this button ??? Because its a pain in the a** and unacceptable

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2019 is the year !

they will do it ! :slight_smile:

I want to believe !


@theogene88 It’s on the way! The new Elements Collections feature was released to beta testers last week, and will be given a public release once it completes the current testing phase.


When browsing video templates, I see that clicking the heart saves an item to favorites, but then how do you find your favorites when you want to see them all? Can’t seem to find a way…